TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock


TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock


TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock is the hub for your TOSIBOX® VPN connections. It allows connections from Locks, Keys or Mobile Clients, scaling easily from just a few ones up to hundreds or thousands.

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Access groups

  • You can create access groups and add relevant members (Keys, Locks, IP addresses, network ranges or MAC addresses) by drag and drop.

  • Members of the same access group can communicate freely, and members can belong to several access groups.

Virtual LAN

  • Virtual Central Lock supports Virtual LANs enabling adding workstations or servers from one or more networks connected to the VCL LAN into an access group.

  • You may have different networks defined per customer, or you may want to separate your office network from production network, and arrange remote access to these networks differently.


  • With virtual platforms, it is possible to achieve a very high level of redundancy and fault-tolerance where failover time is measured in seconds.

  • Because it’s virtual, it can be deployed in your office network, in your favorite cloud infrastructure, or anywhere else where you prefer.

  • Supports up to thousands concurrent VPN connections from Keys, Locks or Mobile Clients.

  • All other existing Central Lock features are also supported