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Advanced Wireless Devices

A powerful and robust Linux IoT gateway to process and transmit data coming from wired and wireless sensors, devices and peripherals

  • Automotive Linux Embedded Platform/Gateway

  • Wireless Embedded Computer

  • Linux embedded gateway

  • Edge Gateway

  • Industrial Gateway

Call for price/availability: 1-514-697-2327 

Email us for all requests: sales@corecom2m.com

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Brand: Owasys

Weight: 400.00g

Dimensions: 149.00mm x 135.00mm x 58.00mm

IP67 - waterproof and dust industrial grade protection

ARM Cortex A8 32bit 800MHz

1GB Flash memory + 512MB DDR3

Running standard Debian 8 .

Highly customizable and powerful as any Linux PC


GNSS (GPS + GLONASS + Galileo)

WiFi 802.11 b/g/n

Bluetooth 4.2

Wide variety of interfaces:

Up to 4 CAN bus (full speed 1Mbps CAN 2.0B)

Up to 2 K-line bus

Digital & Analog I/O

3 RS232 & 1 RS485

USB Host 2.0

Ethernet, Maxim 1-wire, uSD card slot, Audio Codec...

Power saving modes & Li-Ion backup battery