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The A2135-H GPS receiver modules enable fastest acquisition and tracking with the latest SiRFstarIV technology.

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Brand: Maestro

Product Code: A2135-H

Weight: 4.00g

Dimensions: 17.80mm x 16.50mm x 7.10mm

The A2135-H module with the following features.
• Fast, responsive location experience
• High-sensitive navigation engine with tracking down to -163dBm
• 48 track verification channels
• Breakthrough micro power technology
• Requires only 50 – 500μA to maintain hot start capability
• Active jammer remover
• Removes in-band jammers up to 80dB/Hz
• Tracks up to eight CW (continuous wave) jammers
• Operating voltage: 3V3
• Extremely low power consumption by using DC/DC converter
• No back-up battery required
• MEMS supports
• TCXO is used for providing stable 16.369MHz system clock
• CSR Premier ROM 9333 is used which is equivalent to Release 2.2 (i.e. F/W 4.1.2)
• Support external active antenna
• Support SGEE and CGEE
• Build-in LNA with close to 20dB gain
• Lead Free