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Miniaturized GPS receiver for passive and active antennas

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Brand: Maestro

Product Code: A1084-A

Weight: 1.20g

Dimensions: 16.20mm x 19.00mm x 2.40mm

Maestro’s GPS module A1084-A is a highly integrated GPS receiver module that can be used as SMT components. It is capable of receiving signals from up to 20 GPS satellites and transferring them into position and timing information that can be read over a serial port. This generation of GPS module combines small size and high-end GPS functionality at low power consumption.
• Operable at 3.3V / 26mA (typ.) @ 1fix per second
• UART interface at CMOS level
• Small form factor of 15.24 x 15.24 mm² (0.6” x 0.6”)
• Supported temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
• Single-sided SMT component, for reflow soldering
• RoHS compliant, lead-free
• Tape & reel packaging
• Excellent antenna support
• End of Life